Journal of Biblical Unitarianism

Welcome to the new Journal of Bibical Unitarianism.  This replaces our former Journal, the Journal from the Radical Reformation. While our theological position is unchanged from what it was, what it has always been, we felt the name change helped to clarify our foci.

Our theological underpinnings remain as they ever have been, and, as now indicated in the new name, the emphasis, Biblical Unitarianism, will remain the central core of our theological understanding -- the nature of God, who He is, and who He is not.

Our contention is that there is but One God, a position we have decided to title Biblical Unitarianism, to distinguish us from most others. We are monotheists, not trinitarians or tritheists or other similarly derived positions that we find to be incompatible with the Bible.

We receive little acknowledged agreement from "Christianity", but we do from Jewish writers and theologians and Islamic scholars.  Strangely, the writing of those who yet call themselves "trinitarians" still deny the trinity is found in the Bible.